Translation and interpretation services

In addition to multidisciplinary consulting services, N&V Bridge Group also provides other services such as translation, interpretation, …

N&V Bridge Group’s partners and customers not only include domestic customers but also foreign-owned businesses and customers, mostly Japanese. We provide translation services – professional interpreters, ensuring high accuracy and speed.

Our services include:

  • Translation: different types of documents, price quotations based on difficulty and the volume of content.
  • Interpreters: Staff with a Japanese level of N2 or higher certification will accompany and support Japanese-Vietnamese interpretation with customers. Experienced staffs who work with Japanese and understand Japanese culture will surely bring satisfaction to you.

N&V Bridge is also constantly improving the quality of services in order to bring customers the best quality services.

Case study

N&V Bridge Group has successfully completed hundreds of projects large and small, received positive feedback and professional compliments from Japanese customers including typical projects such as:
  • Chime team project between N&V Bridge and Hanoi University of Industrial Fine Arts;
  • Projects associated with Watabe Wedding to open a wedding hall;
  • Translation project for opening joint venture, consulting company;
  • International relations & support customers working in Vietnam ...