N&V Bridge Group and Pharma Foods International collaborate in the Nutrition Support Project for Vietnamese People


On 27th March 2020, General Manager of N&V Bridge Group, Mr. Nguyen Vo Huyen Duong had a meeting with Pharma Foods International (PFI) at the Japan office. On the meeting, both parties discussed the nutrition suppliment project for Vietnmese people in needs which include two groups in particular: improvement of height for children and acid folic suppliment for women.

In 1997, Pharma Foods International was established in Kyoto, Japan aiming at the best connecting point between food and medication as the key business stratagem in order to improve health condition and extend life expendency for the entire society. In the middle of Feburary 2020, PFI was granted the project permit from JICA (Japanese Inernational Cooperation Agency) on the proposal of nutrition supplement for Vietnamese people using Folic Acid eggs.

According to researches, with 12 autistic cases in every 10,000 children, Vietnam has the highest rate on chidren born with autism due to women lacking acid folic in Asia. At the meeting on March 27, the PFI representative said that the company started a research project to improve the nutrition for women and children while minimizing serious diseases with folic acid eggs in Vietnam from 2019. After signing a contract with JICA, the project will be implemented in cooperation with the National Institute of Nutrition of Vietnam (NIN for short).

N&V Bridge Group is proud to be a joint venture partner that shall participate in this project in Vietnam with PFI. General Manager Nguyen Vo Huyen Duong said: “As a Vietnamese citizen, I had no hesitation when received an invitation to cooperate on a project of such social significance, I was extremely delighted and accepted immediately. We hope that through this project, we can make some contribute to the improvement the health contition of Vietnamese people”.

CEO N&V Bridge Group – Mr. Nguyen Vo Huyen Duong (at the center) and General Manager PFI – Mr. Kim Moju (on the right)

Appart from business activities, N&V Bridge Group always passionate about participation in CSR activities to bring values to the community. We hope that the cooperation between N&V Bridge Group and PFI will achieve all the project goals in the future.